Lereth Nim

Chief Mechanic


Lereth Nim is your average Givin. His skeletal appearance, gaping, depth-less, triangular, black eye sockets and permanently down turned mouth is enough to put any, unfamiliar with the species at unease. He is slightly shorter than average at 1.7m tall, and lighter than most adult humanoids at 57kg. Nim is normally seen wearing his light flight suit, it’s additional pockets filled with spare parts and it’s off white synthweave smeared with grease and stained with starship fluids.


Lereth Nim (Nim to his friends), like most young Givin on Yag’Dhul, spent most of his early life studying complex mathematics with dreams of being accepted to one of the monasteries devoted to solving the meaning of life. When Nim came of age, he was passed over by the monks and was forced to find a new path in life. While the Body Calculus and politics held little interest for Nim, the allure of the shipyards called to him and Nim began studying the subtleties of Givin starship design.

At the age of 24, Nim was a rising star at the Yag’Dhul shipyards and the Clone Wars had come to an end with the massacre of the Jedi and the leaders of the CIS. As punishment for seceding from the Republic the new Galactic Emperor punished the Givin by destroying their shipyards and drafting most of the experienced shipwrights into the corps of the Kuat and SFS shipyards. Nim fled from Yag’Dhul, and indentured servitude to the Empire, to take a promising contract on Nal Hutta. The contract was for none other than Djormha and his pet project the Tesseract. Nim was put in charge of the flight control systems, but isolated from the rest of the ship. Knowing that he would need more information about the rest of the ship in order to design the best flight controls possible, Nim began covertly digging for information, picking up what he could here and there until he had pieced together a fairly accurate mental schematic of the ship. Unfortunately, the young Givin didn’t know that a contract for a Hutt amounted to little more than indentured servitude and upon the completion of the Tesseract Nim owed more money to the Karraga Syndicate for living expenses than he made for his work.

Nim continued to work in the shipyards for Djormha, and even understanding Hutt math, continued building more and more debt. Resigned to his lot in the universe Nim began loosing hope of ever being free, until he began to notice an influx of military ships that he was tasked with refitting. Nim began asking around to discover the purpose of the ships and divined that the Karagga Syndicate was entering the mercenary market. Nim saw this as his way out and approached Djormha about becoming the ragtag band’s ship mechanic. Seeing a way to protect his investment, Djormha agreed and Nim bought a Delta-12 Skysprite that he had just finished refitting from the Hutt. The first mission out, well, let’s just say it didn’t end well.

Sitting in the interrogation room of Stars’ End, Nim calculated the probability that the events in his life would lead him to this situation and for the first time Nim began to doubt that Math was the only governing force of the universe because without luck or a divine enemy, no one could end up with this many bad turns.

Lereth Nim

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