Djormha the Hutt is a very dangerous being! He is a thin (for his species) plum colored Hutt, & the mastermind of the Karagga Syndicate. Currently, Djormha lives in the southern hemisphere on Coruscant, living an extravagant existence in the slums of the illustrious floor 1313, in an entire floor of one of the myriad highrises, deep enough to escape the watchful eyes of both the Empire and the Black Sun. The Karagga Syndicate is primarily a network of spies, information brokers, detectives, various operatives, sleepers, and assassins, and to a lesser extent agent provocateurs, fences, political and social radicals, bounty hunters, thieves, smugglers, and of late, mercenaries. This newest venture is treated as a military wing of the Karagga Syndicate, and though the orders on who to attack, where to deploy, and what objectives to accomplish, there is always a layer, if not several of plausible deniability, so that even if the mercenaries were to enrage a local government, the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, or anyone else this it would be nigh impossible to place this umbrage on Djormha.

Djormha is wealthy. Wealthy may be an understatement, as he has funding enough to bribe anyone who was clever enough to trace anything back to him. He owns a few estates on other planets, for safety’s sake, and as a show of power. Among his properties he owns a large building on Nar Shaddaa, a moderately sized villa on Roon amongst a vast swath of land, a lushly furnished chateau atop an entire island plateau on Recopia, and most notably what could only be called a castle on the moon Ruul, surrounded by armaments which could easily dispose of a small attack fleet. These are just the properties which he frequents with regularity, and it’s likely he owns other properties he uses as hideouts if and when needed. He owns a small flotilla of pleasure yachts, which he regularly sends out three or four at a time to mask his true destinations and movements. His only ship he seems to treat as more than status symbol is a capital-class pleasure vessel designed especially for him by a group of top-notch shipwrights, sworn to secrecy about every aspect of the project. The ship is known as the Tesseract, and aside from the fact that many have seen the ship, little is known of its internal structure or layout, its capabilities, and its defenses. But, it is well known that the Tesseract’s value is equivalent to that of a Star Destroyer, despite being immensely smaller than even a Victory-class, and that Djormha truly adores the ship.

Djormha is a spiteful and cunning Hutt, and that is even acknowledged among other Hutts! He is not only a manipulative and intelligent leader of the Karagga Syndicate, making him a force to be reckoned with on its own, he is sadistic and cruel even to his own followers. He tends to be quiet, and has schemes and motives which he keeps to himself, but every move he makes is to further those goals. He respects only one other Hutt, the Mighty Jabba, whom he keeps an eye on, but wisely gives a wide birth to, since Jabba’s Hutt influence may be the only hindrance to his plans. Djormha is known to have a penchant for torture, and takes great pride in his barbarism and depravity. At his core, the sadism shows through even in his everyday business dealings! He is also known to take pleasure in finding the chinks in the armor of anyone he deals with… and exploit those flaws, to be advantageous to Djormha, and ONLY Djormha!

His mercenaries, which he named the Massassi Marauders, are a new addition to his holdings, being that information, blackmail, and black market dealings are his accustomed stock-in-trade. He wished the Karagga Syndicate to have a military branch to dispatch those who stand in the way of his goals, and those willing to pay the premium of having a small military force at their disposal. The reason they are called the Massassi Marauders is that a good portion of their training took place in the inhospitable far northern region of Yavin 4 among the many abandoned Massassi temples (prior to the Rebel Alliance setting up shop in the equatorial region). Of the nearly six score sent to train, all promising debtors whom he coerced into trying out for the Marauders, only nine survived the training. Despite the fact that these nine had no overt, or for that matter covert, military training his press ganged them into his service. He gave them a capital-class ship, the Chowbasa Schoon, and told them to steal starfighters from a police impound on Nal Hutta, a job which he made sure succeeded, after bribing a few guards, and the entirety of the flight controllers at the facility. The selection was of 50 ships, and the Marauders stole whichever they could handle. The stolen snubfighters were painted to match each other, in military fashion, and then their past records (including the fact they were stolen from police holding) were then scrubbed clean. Between the debts already owed, the cost of the Chowbasa Schoon, and the cost of the bribes paid out, and the starfighters themselves, Djormha expects payment in full, in the form of either the lives of those who’re members of the Marauders, or in cold, hard credits. And he wants the credits as soon as he deems it!


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