TT-3.14 "Pi"

The ship's resident janitor droid


Pi has had 27 owners. This fact makes him believe he is unwanted, & this has led him into the droid equivalent of absolute despair. Of the 27, he personally witnessed the deaths of nineteen of them, five of them sold him, two gave him away, & the most recent one threw him into the garbage. He sat there, with rotting refuse piling on top of him for 22 years before he was spotted by a merchant who, without ownership papers couldn’t easily offload the droid, so instead put him to work cleaning the ships which were strewn around his deep Coruscant junkyard. This was until one day the ship he was cleaning was unintentionally sold with him inside. The ship, not in the greatest of conditions was put back into working order & then boarded by a few pilots who flew it to some backwater jungle planet, all the while no one noticed Pi was aboard. It wasn’t until a small band of mercenaries boarded the ship that anyone even acknowledged his existence, the first time in three years someone had done so. Assuming this was his core programming, the mercenaries put him back to work cleaning the ship, but at least talked with him from time to time. Nim removed his restraining bolt, & told Pi he was a free droid, but as far as Pi can tell, this changed almost nothing about his bleak existence.

Now, Pi dutifully, & quietly completes the cleaning jobs given to him; questioning would be unthinkable since these were the nicest owners, or rather patrons, he’d had since his third. He is aware of the fact that he is underutilized, this continues to lead his depression & anxiety into paranoia. He is ready to be rebolted & sold any day now!

TT-3.14 "Pi"

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