Luceferim "Lucky" E. Mor'ros

Captain of the Chowbasa Schoon


Lucky is a Vaedom, a peculiarly intelligent one, but a Vaedom none the less. This shaped much of his childhood & adolescence, watching his people sport hunted by the Hutts & others, being captured by slavers, & being butchered for a single reason. When he was little older than a faun he watched as a Hutt brutally decapitated his injured & frightened mother, smashed in her skull, & ripped free her horns. He watched as the Hutt ground them to powder & collected it jealously into a lockbox. Fifteen of his tribe died that day, leaving Lucky & his pregnant cousin the only survivors. For a century he hid, he bartered for whatever he could, & found that most of his people had lived similar lives.

His luck had finally run out, when he was trapped by a a Hutt on a skiff, stacked high with the still bloody heads of his people. The Hutt was raising a club, ready to cave in Lucky’s skull, when Lucky uttered the only two words in basic which he knew, “No… Stop..”. This intrigued the Hutt, who had always assumed that the Vaedom were little more sentient than a dewback, but not enough to let him loose, the club did decent, & with some great force. When Lucky awoke he did so to a sight which few would EVER wish to, a Hutt orgy. He watched ass the Hutts greedily sniffed up the powder made from the grinding of his peoples’ horns & became sex-crazed. His hands were bound with something behind his back, He could see that in the corner of the room were a pile of his peoples’ weapons, but he’d never make it to them. A large purple mass slithered its way between him & those weapons. This Hutt, Djormha, as Lucky came to discover was his name; Djormha was neither partaking in the snorting of the powder, nor the sex in the room, just circling it, taking mental notes. Lucky was told he was purchased by Djormha, & was given his name.

Over the next few decades he was taught to speak Basic fluently, with a hint of an Alderaanian accent, was given a chance to keep a Vaedom Warbow, & practice Vaedom customs, but he hadn’t ever seen Djormha again, that is, until he was told, that the debt of his purchase, & subsequent housing were now to be repaid. He was sent to flight academy, picking it up quickly, & when he had his certification he was piled onto a ship with many others, & sent to Yavin 4, where between the duels, the creatures, & attack squads he was one of the few lucky enough to survive. His instructor came across the video panel in the Chowbasa Schoon & informed all of the remaining that the price of that ship was added to their debts, & that they were now meant to work as mercenaries to pay the debt off. Lucky, didn’t ask for this, but he used his skill, his natural grace, & charisma to his benefit in order to secure the captian’s seat on the ship. Now all he wanted to do was pay off his debts.

One good fumble, & now they all find themselves inside of a prison cell, he only hopes his luck holds out through all of this!

Luceferim "Lucky" E. Mor'ros

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