EW-3-SDD "Dee-Dee" and EW-3-8A "Eita"

The ship's resident medical droids


Dee-Dee and Eita are currently the medical droids assigned to the Chowbasa Schoon. They are Chroon-Tan B Machine type medical droids, with no changes to color, though both scoop style hands are replaced with similarly colored cloudy green, transparent four-fingered hands. Though they bare an incredibly pleasant & soft voice when not engaged in their medical duties, which they preform nearly silently without asking questions and without fail, they do little else besides bicker with each other over any number of subjects, from the way one just treated a patient to the way that the tools were laid out for them. When engaged in direct conversation, they tend to be curt and sometimes directly argumentative, but never overtly disrespectful.

These two droids have been owned by Djormha for many years, and have sharpened their medical skills on the many injuries that are sustained by his many employees. They have never been wiped and they have developed their unusual character quirks based on the countless number of people who they have lost, and the sheer amount of violence they have been subjected to.

Dee-Dee and Eita are more than happy to be off of Coruscant, and more than happy to have been sold as part of the deal for the purchase of the Chowbasa Schoon. They are aware of the fact that they are now working for mercenaries, but the way they figure it, it’s got to be less bloody and dangerous than what they have been subjected to in the past; they are completely UNAWARE of the fact that they still work for Djormha.

EW-3-SDD "Dee-Dee" and EW-3-8A "Eita"

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