The Massassi Marauders are a small band of freelance mercenaries, stationed out of Boz Pity, but currently imprisoned by the Corporate Sector Authority in the Stars’ End penal facility on Mytus VII on charges of aggravated assault, armed robbery, smuggling, & vagrancy. The Marauders’ first paying operation did not go to plan, & they were captured, their equipment was confiscated, & their starfighters were impounded. Luckily, their capital ship, the Chowbasa Schoon was still safely stashed on Boz Pity, since they still owed a great amount to the Hutt crimelord Djormha for the ship, & had it been lost he would have surely taken their lives.

The Marauders themselves are a young crew, inexperienced, & in way over their heads, aside from just being beholden to Djormha. All of their starfighters are originally stolen. Their home is aboard Chowbasa Schoon, much more than their small hideout (which even Djormha doesn’t know about) among the tombs of Boz Pity. The Massassi Marauders now find themselves in a bind; they need to free themselves from the prison, recover their ships, & get back to Boz Pity post haste, before Djormha gets wind of the fact that not only did they botch their first job (which he had arranged for them), but hadn’t the credits to pay their bills owed to him.

The Massassi Marauders

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